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DENTISTRY THAT CARES FOR THE WHOLE PERSON ISN'T RELEGATED TO AN AGE BRACKET. SMILES4OREGON KNOWS HOW TO KEEP LIFE WORTH LIVING. dentistry is all about the quailty of quantity that is the rest of your life...



So you go through life with big ideas, big goals, big achievements and a million small things that demand your attention.  For the most part, if you're like most folks you don't think much about your teeth - except when you have to.  


But it turns out that for all these years more than any other objective factor it has been the subjective quality of your teeth, jaw structure and overall smile that unconsciously gave other's the best hint as to your social status, intellect, vitality and age. But how can that be, when you were just living your life? 


Well, before modern medicine and dentistry, imagine the lives of typical human beings from gathering nuts outside their huts in forests to farming land and shepherding livestock: life was over by forty in large part because there was no real dental hygiene and the only solution to an infected tooth was to pull it.


By the time a person got the end, you can imagine the state of their teeth, especially for those who dealt with chronic lack of food and nutrition, not to mention the probability of a lifetime of periodontal infection. Fast forward a few millennia, and we now live two to three times longer, have access to excellent food, clean water and modern healthcare and dental care, and as a result have so much to live for. But we still judge each other even without meaning to, and – without the intervention of a true dental professional and artist – we’re often not far off in our judgments.


Of course, far more important than the judgement of others is our judgement of ourselves – when you look in the mirror and see someone you no longer recognize, life starts to lose some of it’s glow. What if you’re also having trouble chewing, sleeping, talking, smiling or singing? How easy is it to feel vibrant about your life when you don’t want to take your hand away from your mouth, embarrassed by bad teeth or ill-fitting dentures that have collapsed inward along with your entire jaw?


Thankfully, Smiles4Oregon has an entire tool chest of skills, technology and techniques at the ready to keep life worth living. With over 32 years in practice, Dr. John Sullivan and his caring and professional team are singularly experienced at working with older patients in the area of geriatric dental treatment, undoing decades of bad genes, bad dentistry, and lack of dental care, restoring a life with every restored smile.


From full mouth restorations, to modern dentures, partials and bridges, to ongoing periodontal and hygiene treatment, we can keep you smiling – and for good reason – for the rest of your vibrant life.

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