Once we all agree to proceed and know whether we'll be involving the process of dealing with medical insurance or not for a pre-authorization, here’s how it goes:

  • First we must all agree that we can indeed be of service and that we can benefit your life - at that point, we will schedule your “start” appointment.

  • That first “start” appointment takes about an hour, and it’s an easy and relaxing process during which John will do his exam and then the super, duper magic part - take your impressions and send them off to our lab.

  • The lab will then send your device back to us between 2-3 weeks later, at which point we’ll get you right in for a quick half-hour appointment where John will make sure it’s correct. Then we send you home for your first good night’s sleep in who knows how long!

  • One week after you first take it home, we’ll have you come back for another half hour check-in to see how it’s going and so John can make any necessary tweaks.  If all is perfectly fine, as it usually is, we won’t see you again for a while.  If he does need to tweak it he’ll usually want to have you come back the next week to make sure you’re getting relief. Clients usually don’t need to come back, but occasionally they do, and we never, ever give up until you get your life back (and you’ll find that you’ll actually like visiting us :)

  • At about 3-4 months into wearing the device, your teeth and jaw will have “settled” into it a bit and you’ll likely start to show some signs of snoring.  We ask for you (or your partner) to pay attention for that and if and when it starts up we’ll have you come in for another short visit called the “snore check”, where John will tweak the device one more time.  

  • And then you’re good! It’s a good idea to come see us at one year, and you can always come and see us any time you like to check on it for no charge. As I’ve said, once we’ve delivered a device to you, you are family and we will always be here if and when you should ever need or want us.

You see, our real job is as a full-service dental practice with just John, a "super dentist" who can do anything, Nancy, our own Pollyanna, and the amazing Katie, our Hygienist and Girl Friday extradordinairre. It's just us, and YOU, our beloved patient who we want to see love life, and love your smile and most importantly, smile forward.  So if you think we can be of service to you, just give us a call at 541-225-4866. You can be certain that we'll treat you with kindness and care and recommend only what we think is best for you.

We're here to help you smile forward.