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going to the dentist?

WHO ARE THESE SMILES4OREGON FOLKS?  Don’t you just hate “going to the dentist”?! Yeah, well, we totally get it...


Seriously, we know that calling us is likely the last item on your to-do list. Dental anxiety is real. You’ve earned the right to feel anxious and wary. Luckily, we’ve earned our unsolicited hundreds of 5-star testimonials by turning hate into love, usually in just one visit.  We know it won’t make sense until you experience Smiles4Oregon for yourself — it’s like saying you’re just gonna love getting pulled over! But once you’ve joined our little dental home you’ll find yourself saying, to other normal humans that you “love going to my dentist!"

WHAT CAN WE DO TO GET YOU SAFE, STABLE AND SMILING?  New clients often begin their conversation with us by asking what services we offer, to which we respond “everything and anything necessary to get you and yours safe, stable and smiling again the way you deserve.”


In other words, there simply is no dental service that Dr. John Sullivan isn’t able to deliver, right here at our little dental home. That includes all general dentistry, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, dentures and partials, gum enhancement, oral surgery, endodontics (root canals), orthodontics with Invisalign, periodontal disease treatment and care, preventive care and even treating your TMJ when no one else could, not to mention obstructive sleep apnea.


So when we say we do it all, we mean it. You’ll never have to go to another place, starting from scratch again, feeling that old anxiety again. With us you’ll know you’re safe, loved and will never be forced to leave in order to make sure you’re able to smile the way you deserve.

WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO CARED FOR HERE?  If you like to feel loved by your care providers, then you belong at Smiles4Oregon. If you like the world’s best homemade organic chocolate chip oatmeal cookies that magically make everything better, then you belong at Smiles4Oregon. If you like in-house, no-interest and “no funny business” payment arrangements, you belong at Smiles4Oregon. If you like never having to go to a specialist’s office again because Dr. Sullivan can and does do it all himself right here, we’re your new home. If you like shots you can not feel? Gotcha!
Like craft beer and awesome wine options in the afternoon and Northwest-worthy coffees and teas throughout the day? A handmade “swag bags” that lets you know we totally get you? Cozy blankets, silk eye masks, personal earphones and memory foam pillows?
We so got you.


HOW COULD PROPER DENTAL CARE FIT INTO YOUR REAL LIFE?  It's not just our skill and love that sets us apart, it's also that we can deliver any type of treatment in partnership with you and make getting that treatment fit into your real life. Between our Vital Care plan and our in-house, no-interest and no funny business payment option, we will do everything we can to make sure you are safe, stable and smiling.

WHAT IS ALL THE FUSS ABOUT?  There are more reasons to love us that we can list here and, anyway, why would take our word for it? We wouldn't! Rather, once you’re finished getting to know us here, please — we beg of you research us online and read as many of the hundreds of raving testimonials you can stand. Each was written spontaneously from the heart of real people, without us ever asking. They honest-to-goodness leave our little dental home with their socks blown off such that they take the time to write about it, in detail, for the whole world to see. Who does that?! Our beloved clients do.
You see, other dental practices hire “reputation management companies” to solicit patient “reviews”, then after choosing only the “good” ones posting them to often made-up “review” sites. If you take the time to look into it, you’ll find the responses they post might have some stars but are usually missing those heartfelt testimonials.


Not us. We do not and never have hired outside companies to solicit reviews and never begged for the ones we are lucky to receive — 100% of our reviews are legit. Written by our beloved clients because of the simplest thing: we treat them the way they’ve always deserved.

WHEN IS IT TIME FOR YOU TO SMILE AGAIN?  So when you’re ready to find out for yourself what all the fuss is about — why those with even debilitating dental anxiety absolutely love us — please call or text us at 541-225-4866 and we’ll get you safe, stable and smiling, too!


Every aspect of my experience at Smiles4Oregon leaves no room for improvement. I feel truly fortunate to have switched dentists, for several reasons. I had been diagnosed with sleep apnea at PeaceHealth Hospital - testing showed that I stopped breathing over 200 times a night, but the prescribed CPAP machine was so uncomfortable, I had not used it in years. My bride often woke up, shaking me to have me start breathing - so she was affected by my apnea as well, as she had difficulty returning to sleep. She researched a bit and found Smiles4Oregon as a possible remedy. Dr. John Sullivan fit me with a MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) that is very comfortable, and miraculously allows me to sleep without snoring or halting breathing! I had my doubts that it would actually work, but I now wake up every morning refreshed - feeling like I've already had a cup of coffee! The device works better than I would have ever suspected, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a solution to their sleep apnea problem. Nancy is the most perfect receptionist/host/coordinator ever. She made sure every detail of my visit was perfect, and actually made me feel like family. Dental Hygenist, Katie, cleaned my teeth in record time, the most painless and actually pleasurable cleaning experience I've ever had. The entire staff at Smiles4Oregon is very welcoming, professional at every level.
I would say that I started with them for their quality service, and stayed for Nancy's cookies, but the truth is...I'm staying because they are the best!

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